Marylebone Hair Slide


Choose from three styles of the sweetest basic hair grips or hair ties. Our Marylebone style is a printed ribbon made to look & resemble grosgrain ribbon. Liliputians love the fact that these little grips are wrapped all around with ribbon so that it ensure extra comfort during wear. Sweet baby!

Really nice hair clips that sty in. My little girl really likes the colour. They go nicely with pretty much any dress. Good quality for the price you pay. I will definitely recommend and buy again! Isabel, Chichester
My daughters love these hair clips and the fact that they stay in makes them much more valuable. Nice design too. Thank you very much Liliputians for such a great product.

Anabel, Poole

We chose these styles as even the youngest of little ones could use an accessory to brighten up their outfit. The sea green and cream colour schemes lift any outfit and suit any skin tones. Made to look & resemble grosgrain ribbon, these styles is to give extra sweetness to any outfit for any occasion. Choose from a fully secure and fully encased in ribbon flip clip, hair slide, or elasticized hair ties in bows (1 pair).


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