Hair Band Types and Hair Accessories in UK

Types of Hair Bands

Do You Know Your Type of Hair Bands?

There are many ways hair bands or hair bows are classified but the easiest way to think of these hair accessories is according to their purpose of functionality. Most headbands are used for special occasions while others are mainly used for or considered for daily use or aesthetic appeal to match outfits. As we’re passionate about headbands here’s our breakdown of the types below. What type do you like the most?

Soft types of Hair Bands

Most people associate soft types of headbands only with baby headbands. This should not be the case as many adults wear soft types of hair bands to get their hair out of their face at the gym or wear them to make a fashion statement. Baby girls probably though do in fact wear the most soft types of hair bands during christening or a photo shoot. These hair bands make babies look very cute in pictures and parents absolutely adore these hair accessories for this particular reason.

Soft type of hair band is normally made out of elastic or stretchy material which allows easy wear. Elastics might be covered in soft cloth or any other material type of material in order to create a delightfully gorgeous combination. Another common material is a stretchy lace.

Alice headbands or hard hair bands

This type of hair bands is the most popular and is probably best known to all fans of Alice in Wonderland story. I really like the definition of Alice band provided in Wikipedia and I think this is the one which would be the most appropriate for this type of hair band: “An Alice band is either a flexible horse-shoe shaped garment or a loop of elastic material which is designed to fit over the head and hold long hair away from the face, but let it hang freely at the back (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). This definition shows the actual purpose of these hair bands, it keeps the hair out of the girl’s face and normally does it quite brilliantly.

Alice headbands can be presented in many colours- can feature a lot of various attributes – like bows, flowers or even crowns. The intention is to make Alice band match outfits or perhaps to highlight or stress other fashion statements.

Turbans or Head Wraps

We really wrap our heads using this type of headbands as people do in India, but not necessarily in the exactly the same way or fashion. Head wraps might cover entire head or just part of the head. They might be presented in various colours, feature beads or any other fashion additives. The purpose may vary as well. Normally, this type of hair bands is worn by people who want to create a bohemian or laid back type of look. Both men and women can wear this type of hair bands. This type really makes your looks special, but there a drawback to this style of headband – it might slide off your head. Some natural material (like cotton) might be less prone to this result, but many artificial fabrics (like polyester) might be very “slippery” on your head. It is advisable for girls to wear pins or hair clips in order to attach this fabulous hair accessory to the head.


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