Hyde Park Headband Has Gripped The Girls!

Little girt wearing a green Hyde Park headband

Liliputians has been praised again and by mum bloggers and mumsnet members for it’s great ‘grip’ while still being gentle on any little one’s hair and head. Rebecca McKenna of The Diaries mums blog has given her honest opinion about our passion and dedication on hair accessories!


“I was recently given a headband for my daughter so we could see the quality and detail that goes into each one. The fabric which is used and the attention to detail in each headband really shows how passionate the brand Lilliputians is about accessories and adding those little touches can really make your outfit.”

“I was really impressed at how well the headband stayed on as it has grips on, especially with a very active 3 year old, but was also very comfy, neither of my girls complained about it hurting behind their ears as is often the case with headbands”. 

Read her full blog post here:


Her little ones love Liliputians so much they’re not quite ready to let mummt borrow their headband….shame!

Liliputians Hair Accessories has provided the hairbands for the review.


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