How to Make a Headband

How to Make a Headband

Would you like to learn how to make a very popular hair accessory or would you want to make your own hair accessories? If your answer is yes, then please take a look at our short tutorial which teaches you how to make hair bands. Once skills are perfected you might even try to establish your own business selling handmade hair accessories.

Headbands made out of elastic and ribbon

First of all, you need to choose the ribbon. Craft stores in or near the area where you live must have some nice ribbons or perhaps trim with small beads (anything similar embellishments will be suitable as well). Just How to Make-a-Headbandone thing you need to pay attention to  – make sure that beads or any other embellishments are only on one side of the ribbon / trim you have chosen. Otherwise, embellishments present on the inner side of the ribbon or trim will complicate the manufacturing process and the headband might be caught in your hair every time you wear it.  It is also advisable to get ribbon or trim which has a bit of elastic. This will create more comfortable feeling while wearing a hairband. If elastic is not present in the ribbon (trim) you have chosen, a headband might be a little bit uncomfortable to wear.

Secondly, you need to choose the elastic. While choosing the elastic, it is necessary to pay attention to its colour. It is a good idea to choose elastic which is similar to the colour of your hair. Alternatively, you can choose a colour which creates strong contrast if you prefer your hair accessories create attention grabbing effect.

Thirdly, measure and cut the pieces of adequate size. In order to measure the ribbon, you will have to wrap it around your head (from the top of your forehead to the nape of your neck). Depending on the type of the ribbon / trim chosen you will have to subtract around five inches from the total length. Next measure elastic the same way and reduce the total length by around four.  You can experiment with the total length of the ribbon / elastic in order to make the headband feel as comfortable as possible.

Fourthly, sew elastic and your ribbon together. In order to do that you will need a needle and thread which would allow you to create a seam where both material meet (ribbon and elastic). Once the seam has been finished do not forget to tie a knot at the edge.

Finally, try to wear your handmade hairband. If you do not succeed from the very first attempt you can try again until you create a perfect handmade hair accessory.

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