Hair Bands and Hair Accessories – history and present

Headbands - Hair Accessories - history and present

Hair Bands and Hair Accessories, history and present

Love headbands ? Do you know the history of headbands ? Hair bands were originally worn by the Greeks-who wore laurel wreaths. In ancient Greece and Rome, these original headbands were given and worn to winners in sport competitions. Men wore the wreaths while women wore similar models called diadems- made from gold and precious stones as this was thought to show signs of success and power. Over time our ways of thinking about hair accessories sure has changed! We now wear hair bows for various occasions, and to different places such as school, a party or a fashion show. The headband now styles up outfits or hides a bad hair day.

One thing has not changes – headbands are worn by both men and women these days. Very often babies wear headbands during special occasions, such as christening, wedding or baby showers. Although, mainly baby girls wear hair bands.

There are many places online where you can buy a headband but do you know how to buy one online? Here are our tips:

Headbands – important things to know!

  • A Headband needs to be well constructed – it should not bend excessively and has to retain its shape
  • It needs to be comfortable and fit well
  • The grip is also very important in this case – a headband needs to stay in place no matter what. Well, at least it needs to withstand a moderate breeze.
  • Materials used should be safe for children as well as adults
  • Any hair accessory, no matter how beautiful it is, needs to be practical. It needs to fit its purpose whether it is a practical or simply pretty.

Finally, the price you are paying for a hair accessory very often reflects its quality. The worse quality headbands tend to be less expensive and obviously might not be as comfortable, and will not last as long as more expensive counterparts. Here’s an example:

hair bands for girls


We’re passionate about headbands are you ?


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